About Us

Founded in 2001 Quinta Contractors, LLC has become a staple in the residential remodeling marketplace.  Bryan Holloway, the president and owner, started the company with the stated intention of focusing on quality customer service.  He believed that since your home is typically your biggest investment, if you were to expect great, personalized service at any level you should expect it most when servicing the needs of your home.  Bryan has worked along side several other leaders in the industry while building Quinta into the reputable company you see today.

We meet the industry standards in licensing and insurance, however we believe that striving  to make the remodeling experience the best for each of our clients sets us apart from other contractors.  We offer a wide array of remodeling services to meet the needs and goals of our clients.  

Bryan Holloway even meets with clients personally to offer in-house design services prior to the build of the project.  Often times the homeowner has an idea of what they would like to change or upgrade but no real plan on how to flesh out those ideas.  Bryan will capture the details in interviewing the client and then produce a concept board along with samples of products to be used in the project.  We have even taken customer provided drawings on napkins from concept to completion.

Should you be in the market for a bathroom or kitchen remodel, new vinyl siding or vinyl replacement windows, painting and repairs inside or out, flooring including carpet, tile, and hardwoods, Quinta Contractors, LLC provides you with the assurance that you will receive top quality service with a great value on your remodeling investment into you home.