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Moments in Masonry

So, who do you call when someone crashes through your brick mailbox late at night?  Well perhaps, the authorities for starters but after that Quinta Contractors.  Our masons have years of experience in everything brick from restoring mailboxes to bricking up new walls for a room addition.

Damaged mailbox

Damaged mailbox


Larry did just that and our crew was able to rebuild his mailbox quickly.  We were able to find brick which matched his existing home very well.  Yet again, in short order we had another satisfied customer.

Larry's Mailbox During Construction

Larry’s Mailbox During Construction


Larry's Mailbox Restored

Larry’s Mailbox Restored













Bill and Linda needed a brick skirting for their new pool deck.  They had ordered a pool from an online source (which we also installed for them) and need Quinta to excavate the back yard and build up for and pour a concrete slab.  Finally we provided a brick skirting, fence, and low voltage lighting.


Peter and Susan had an office in their home which just did not have enough natural light coming into the room.  What to do?  After much consideration, they determined the addition of a window was the best option.  Once they contacted Quinta, quickly realized they had made the best decision in choosing a contractor.  They have become a voice for spreading the word about the great customer service they received.

Opening for Peter and Susan's New Window

Opening for Peter and Susan’s New Wind

Peter and Susan's New Window

Peter and Susan’s New Window










By: Bryan Holloway

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Fence with Wrought Iron Gates


Fencing? Yes, we certainly do!  Most any kind of fencing.

Quinta Contractors, LLC repairs and installs vinyl, wood privacy, chain link, wrought iron, even split rail wood fencing if that suits your needs more.

Split Rail Fence


There are many options in  each of the above named categories of fence and we gladly provide the same level of customer service with every job we undertake.  Wood privacy fencing is perhaps most common in a neighborhood setting and as with wood   decks, they often get neglected in the maintenance department.  The pickets, posts, and stringers can be pressure washed and treated with deck stain to prolong the life of the wood.


Bryan Holloway